Welcome to Monteverde Friends School

K-12 Quaker education for local and international students in Monteverde, Costa Rica.

“Surrounded by Nature, Supported by Love”

Nestled in the cloud forest community of Monteverde, Costa Rica, the Monteverde Friends School was founded over 60 years ago by Quakers who left the United States in search of a country and community that supported their peaceful principles. Today, our school continues to promote the universal values of peace, love and respect in the context of a challenging bilingual education and a sense of community.

“The natural beauty and sense of community at MFS are unparalleled. It is a place that will never truly leave you, and from which you will never stop learning. Plus, where else is gym class a hike through the rain forest, history class interrupted by monkeys, or a family formed among strangers in two languages?”
– Heidi Griswold, former International Student

Monteverde Day – 65th Anniversary!

In his final week, Wolf Guindon steeled his legendary reserve and came to the 65th celebration of the founding of Monteverde. Amongst the trees and gardens of the Trostle land, we all enjoyed the usual potluck and multi-generational games, including a rediscovery of...

Wolf Guindon: 1930-2016

It is with heavy hearts that we share the news of the passing of Wilford Guindon, better known to all as Wolf, at the age of 85. His last days were spent surrounded by his loving family and friends in his home in Monteverde. Wolf and his wife Lucky were part of the...

Caminata 2016

Our annual “Caminata” (walkathon) returned to an old favorite this year – 11km up to the San Gerardo overlook, with views of Arenal volcano and lake.  Evidently this was a popular decision, as we enjoyed an increase in participation and sponsorships. Student...