Welcome to Monteverde Friends School

K-12 Quaker education for local and international students in Monteverde, Costa Rica.

“Surrounded by Nature, Supported by Love”

Nestled in the cloud forest community of Monteverde, Costa Rica, the Monteverde Friends School was founded over 60 years ago by Quakers who left the United States in search of a country and community that supported their peaceful principles. Today, our school continues to promote the universal values of peace, love and respect in the context of a challenging bilingual education and a sense of community.


Learn about our community’s emergency situation, how we are working together to ensure that safety and basic needs are met, and how you can help.

“The natural beauty and sense of community at MFS are unparalleled. It is a place that will never truly leave you, and from which you will never stop learning. Plus, where else is gym class a hike through the rain forest, history class interrupted by monkeys, or a family formed among strangers in two languages?”
– Heidi Griswold, former International Student

Cleaning up after Nate

“We wanted to do something unique; something that no-one else would have done otherwise,” explained one grade 12 student.  As the class mulled over a suitable Community Service project, they thought of Charlie, who had lost his house during October’s...

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Bringing Color to Your World

Over the past weeks, our students have been lovingly drawing on the envelopes of our annual appeal letter (see photos below), which will be reaching you soon if you have shared your address with us.  We instructed the children to not ask for money (that’s in the...

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Alternative Worship

“Can anyone guess why we’re doing bird-watching instead of Meeting for Worship?” Katy VanDusen asks her group. — “Ya – bird watching is quiet and peaceful.” Teaching Quaker process and values is an important part of our...

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