…a school was born. Monteverde Friends School opened in Feb/March 1952. As we prepare for the celebration/reunion in March, we are looking back at our brave beginnings. In earlier blog post we shared about the founding. Here’s another account from our Jubilee Album (I was going to put in bold all the traditions that still continue today, but there were too many!):

Every day began with the entire school gathered for Bible reading, a weekly motto, announcements, and the daily news as told by the students. All ages contributed with the older ones commenting on such things as current affairs while the youngest told of any interesting things they wanted to share. All were heard.

Recess each morning was a time for everyone to participate in outdoor games when the weather cooperated. Favorites were dare-base and softball. An hour at noon gave time for eating lunches together, then having a period for play, followed by the teacher reading aloud to the group as they “cooled off.”

On Fourth day (Wed) mornings the school children attended the midweek Friends Meeting. Children from other than Quaker denominations could relate also to the quiet meeting as a time for meditations. Prior to meeting we had a time for stories and discussion of a spiritual nature.

School1977bThe students were responsible for the daily cleaning of the school and for a “big” cleaning at mid-year and at the close of school. At “the house” in the beginning there was a short floorboard, which had been left loose so that it could be lifted and the dirt swept, not under the carpet, but under the house. The new schoolhouse had no such accommodations! Big cleaning days ended with a bonfire meal. Hot dogs were not available for a long time in Monteverde, but we found a recipe for bread-twists, so who needed hot dogs? Once a year, students and teachers all went on an all day picnic.

The pupils were also responsible for putting out and taking down the plank benches for meeting.

Monteverde Friends School was nurtured from the beginning by the genuine interest and support of all members of the community, regardless of age. The school was truly a part of the community. When there were building bees, the children were let out at noon in time to join the bee for potluck lunch and, as they grew older, to help with the work in the afternoon. Hand-made valentines, May baskets, get well cards etc were delivered to the old or the sick. Everyone came to school programs and projects.

Please join us for our 65th Anniversary Celebration and Reunion in March: https://mfschool.org/65