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We welcome your interest in our school. Monteverde Friends School offers local and international students a high quality bilingual education in a unique and diverse community.

To request a Student Application packet, please write to John Blount, Director, at  In the Student Application Packet, you will find information regarding our mission, our expectations of students and parents, and our fees and tuition costs. You may submit the Student Application and supporting documents via e-mail, fax, or snail mail.

Fees and Tuition Costs for International Students 2011–2012

Application Fee
Registration Fee
Pre-Kinder – 3 days/week
$170 per month for 10 months
Kinder – 5 days/week
$280 per month for 10 months
Preparatoria - 5 days/week
$330 per month for 10 months
Grades 1–6
$480 per month for 10 months
Grades 7–12
$550 per month for 10 months
Spanish as a Second Language
Grades 1-6
Grades 7-12
$160 per month in addition to tuition
$200 per month in addition to tuition
Home Stay (Room and Board)
$510 per month or $17 per day

Tuition is paid in 10 payments during the first week of classes of each month from August through May. Late payments will incur 2% interest per month. If at the end of each quarter a family is not up to date with tuition payments, the school reserves the right to not admit their children for the following quarter until tuition is paid.

Commitment to Pay:
Registration in the school implies a commitment to pay tuition for the full year even if your son or daughter does not finish the school year (whether it is due to a decision of the parents to remove the student, or a decision of the school for academic or behavior reasons). Exceptions may be made for health reasons (with a letter from a doctor) or job-related moves (with a letter from the parents explaining the situation). Students with previous arrangements to attend only one semester will be asked to pay the full registration fee plus one half of the year’s tuition.

Last Modified: 28 May 2008