On Tuesday we happily welcomed children back, after the break (and camp) during Tropical Storm Nate (see here for details).  We felt both tired and refreshed, like a family that has been through an ordeal and found once again that we can trust and rely on one another.

Never a school to take it easy, we’ve had a lot of adventure this week.  Culture Day celebration all of Wednesday morning.  Colegio students volunteer clean-up at Rio Chante (part of its rejuvenation and re-imagining into an active community center).  A visit by the new Texas Tech University (Campus in San Jose for Colegio students to start dreaming.  After school music, running and Zumba is back (Thursdays at 4:15).  And at this morning’s assembly we divided into our sibling class pairs.

Grades 9/10 met with their 5/6 buddies in the meeting room to share stories they had written.  The older students has written storybooks as a way of teaching about weather and natural phenomena, while the younger students had composed original stories about magical creatures.  What better way to cap those achievements than to share them with their big/little brothers and sisters?