Women’s March in Monteverde

The theme for our school last year was Equality.  So when Monteverde participated in the international Women’s March yesterday, it was no surprise to see over 1/3 of our student body come out in support. The march started at our school and went down to CASEM,...

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Students Learn Quaker Values

At Monteverde Friends School, we are always on the look-out for creative ways to support our students’ spiritual growth and learning Quaker values.  In a 6-week minicourse about podcasting, students partnered with the fabulous Mari Wadsworth at Monteverde FM...

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How a Science Fair Builds Community

Want to make an already-hectic last week of school even more crazy? Have a school-wide science fair! Like much of what we do at MFS, the fair was a community builder in many ways: Students worked together in small groups, drawing on each others’ strengths All...

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Peace on Earth

December 1 is much more than the beginning of Christmas month (though we will be going to the annual Light Up parade, “Monteverde Brilla”, tonight) – it’s the day we celebrate perhaps THE pivotal moment in Costa Rican history.  68 years ago...

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Sundays in Monteverde

In a small, tight community like Monteverde, we make our own fun – just take this Sunday for example: 10:00 – Friends come early for half an hour of singing 10:30 – Meeting for worship, with two children’s groups splitting off.  The teen group...

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Feeling Thankful during Hurricane Otto

As Hurricane Otto prepares to hit our coast within the next few hours, I sit in my mountain-top home feeling thankful for so many things.  We live in a country that has the infrastructure and commitment to take care of each other during and after this storm, which we...

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How to find an internship in Costa Rica

If you’re looking for an internship in Costa Rica (or anywhere), the students at the University for Peace could teach you a thing or two. I was at their internship fair because the intern we hosted from them last year – Erika Graczyk, pictured above...

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