When we made the strange request to have some of our students do more work, the even stranger complaint was, “Why can’t everyone do extra?!”

This year we launched a new “Challenge Program”, designed to provide the opportunity for extra research and challenge for students needing a bit more.  Teachers came together to select students who might be interested, and our fantastically creative teacher Zaida took on her own challenge to design a stimulating program for these self-motivated, independent students (of all grades 1 to 12).

After a few months, at the request of the student body, the program was opened up to anyone interested.  Several more students came forward with proposals for independent research and their topics of interest, ranging from:

  • Composing an original piano Waltz
  • Dog and Okapi anatomy
  • Astrophysics
  • Keylar Navas (Costa Rica’s amazing soccer goaltender)
  • Pokeman and Minecraft
  • The Roots of Terrorism in Iraq
  • Kings and Queens

In the end, their projects were displayed for the whole school to enjoy and learn from.  Here is a sample: