Kinder Programs (ages 3-6)

Students in kindergarten, prepa and pre-kinder enjoy Monteverde Friends School in Costa RicaOur Pre-kindergarten (age 3-4), Kindergarten (age 4-5), and Prepa (age 5-6) emphasize bilingual skills, self-directed activities and cooperative learning.  We recognize the need for physical and social development through lots of play, stories and music.  Children learn to resolve conflicts though modeling, role-playing and meeting to talk at the Peace Table.

Our kinder faculty consists of three teachers who are fluent Spanish speakers, one of whom is the lead teacher and also a native English speaker.

Pre-K and Kinder children spend only mornings at school, with the school day ending at 12pm.  Pre-K students come three days a week, while students in Kindergarten and Prepa come every day.  Prepa students stay until 1:30pm three days a week.

Parents pick up their kinder and prepa students from Monteverde Friends School