In our quest for Simplicity, we sent the children out this morning into the woods to build fairy houses. We never asked if they actually believe, but children from 6 to 16 were actively engaged, caring about their creations.

This exercise was part of “Pre-Meeting”, our weekly hour of spiritual exploration before Meeting for Worship. The focus this quarter has been on Simplicity of Lifestyles, exploring how the value of simplicity plays into our choices around technology, consumerism, time management, recreation, and even fashion. So to model the beauty of a simple activity, we gave them the instructions to (a) not kill anything (ie, no picking flowers), and (b) not use anything man-made. We also had a few queries to ponder during and after:

  • How does it feel to interact with nature this way?
  • How does this activity relate to our theme of simplicity?

As you can see in the photos below, the children were deeply engaged, creative, tender, worked in mixed-age groups, and very proud of their creations.