School Tours

A highlight of any visit to Costa Rica should be a tour of the Monteverde Friends School. We warmly welcome visitors, and want to provide a meaningful look at what Quaker Education looks like.  To minimize disruptions to that education process, we’ve set up the following programs for visitors:

“Friends for a Morning” Package

Would your children/teens like to connect with local youth, and see what local schools are like?

Maybe they'll even get lucky and help the class make pizza!

Maybe they’ll even get lucky and help the class make pizza!

Every Tuesday and Friday we welcome a limited number of school-age youth to sit in on a class, and enjoy recess playtime with their age-mates.

  • 8:00: (Optional) You are welcome to sit in on the all-school assembly, with birthday celebrations, announcements, and fun activities.  Then spend a few quiet minutes enjoying the library or walking paths.
  • 8:30: School tour with the school director.
  • 9:00: Youth go with an English-speaking buddy to a morning class while the parents can go for a quiet walk or enjoy treats at nearby shops.
  • 9:50: Students join their new classmates for recess: snack time (please bring a snack) and active playtime
  • 10:15: Parents return to pick up their happy students, meet with the school director to ask any final questions, and carry on exploring the area.
  • Tuesdays and Fridays, 8:30-10:15
  • Book with your hotel or agent at least one day in advance so we can plan a great experience for your child/teen.  Or you may book with us directly.  We can only allow one or two children per class, so please understand if we are full the day you hope to visit; and please book early.
  • We ask for a $15/child donation to help with our administration costs.
  • Parents of younger children may be asked to stay with their child.

Volunteer1Morning Tours

If you don’t have children, or simply would like a shorter experience, you are welcome to join us for the first portion of the above tours –  assembly and tour with the school director.

  • Tuesdays and Fridays, 8:30-9:00 (Optional assembly at 8:00-8:15)
  • You must book at least one day in advance so the school director is ready to welcome you. Please contact us directly to book.
  • We ask for a donation to help with our administration costs.


We are also happy to arrange for you to stay in the home of a local school family during your visit. Please see our Short Term Homestays page for details.

Quaker Meetings

Everyone is welcome to join us in silent worship on Wednesday mornings (9:00-9:45) and Sunday mornings (10:30-11:30, preceded by singing from 10-10:30). No bookings are needed, but please do let us know if you’d like to have some time to talk about the school before or after meeting. Click here for more information about the meetings.

If the above options do not work for you, please contact us to discuss other arrangements. We would love to see you and show off our beautiful school.