Want to make an already-hectic last week of school even more crazy? Have a school-wide science fair!

Like much of what we do at MFS, the fair was a community builder in many ways:

  • Students worked together in small groups, drawing on each others’ strengths
  • All the primary school classes visited every single display, with rapt attention (see photos below)
  • The entire school watched and cheered during the grand finale egg drop (every egg survived, every participant celebrated) then the catapult competition

Every group’s egg-drop contraption was a different, original design. Same with the catapults, which they had to aim into hoola-hoops. Of course, in true Quaker fashion, the activity was described as lobbing food aid into a refugee camp.

In a crazy week of room changes, final projects and assembly, the science fair was a recklessly wonderful way to keep us all focussed on learning, sharing, and being together. Thank you to science teacher Evan and many others for going the extra mile to give us this Christmas gift.