TGIF, but not because we’re tired.  Friday is a great day at Monteverde Friends School.  A day to get to, not get through.

We started this morning with our monthly “Town Meeting.”  Grades 7-12 met without teachers to talk about issues they care about.  Governance, working together, and caring for the campus are common items – under the leadership of their newly-elected co-clerks.

tree climbing at Monteverde Friends SchoolThe Primaria students divided into several groups, each with their own facilitator and preparation people, to play some co-operative games.  After younger students had left, the Grade 7-8’s did a debrief with Teacher Amy to identify ways to make the meeting even better next month.  Lessons in leadership start early at MFS.

The grade 9-10 class then joined 5/6 for their first Sibling morning of the year.  I don’t know what they did, but the older youth eagerly sought out their new little siblings to begin developing a relationship that will last all year long.

As I write this, children are finishing the day with their elective “mini-courses”, including art, podcasting, tree-climbing, computer programming, and cartoon drawing.  A great, creative way to end a fun, to-look-forward-to Friday.

(Full disclosure – we do get out an hour early on Fridays, in time for Scrabble at Sue’s or, today, a big drop-in soccer game with visiting friend Tomas Guindon).

PS – just saw several kids eagerly sharing the cookies they had made in minicourse with their older siblings, while others were showing off the jewelry-art they had made in their minicourse.  The sharing continues.