Alternative Worship

"Can anyone guess why we're doing bird-watching instead of Meeting for Worship?" Katy VanDusen asks her group. -- "Ya - bird watching is quiet and peaceful." Teaching Quaker process and values is an important part of our school's education, but we also want to support...

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Cleaning up after Nate

"We wanted to do something unique; something that no-one else would have done otherwise," explained one grade 12 student.  As the class mulled over a suitable Community Service project, they thought of Charlie, who had lost his house during October's Tropical Storm...

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Poems and Songs of Monteverde

Our students aren't just smart - they're wildly creative. And, even more important, they're BRAVE.  They stand up in front of their peers and community and share themselves, and are met with unconditional support and love.  That's one of the defining characteristics...

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Bringing Color to Your World

Over the past weeks, our students have been lovingly drawing on the envelopes of our annual appeal letter (see photos below), which will be reaching you soon if you have shared your address with us.  We instructed the children to not ask for money (that's in the...

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SAT’s after the Hurricane

The morning after Tropical Storm Nate ravaged Monteverde, grade 12 student Tara Alana Hein walked 10 miles across swollen rivers and washed-out roads to write her SAT exam, learning a lot about herself and her country along the way: I was born and raised on this...

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Back to Normal (with Siblings)

On Tuesday we happily welcomed children back, after the break (and camp) during Tropical Storm Nate (see here for details).  We felt both tired and refreshed, like a family that has been through an ordeal and found once again that we can trust and rely on one another....

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Students Share Their Poetry

Before the break, before Tropical Storm Nate, we were honored to have a visiting poet from Sudan. He shared some of his poetry, and also talked with students about the process of creating art. Inspired, two of our grade 10 students stood up and shared their own...

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