Bring Color to your World

Monteverde Friends School

Over the past weeks, our students have been lovingly drawing on the envelopes of our annual appeal letter (see photos below), which will be reaching you soon if you have shared your address with us.  We instructed the children to not ask for money (that’s in the letter, don’t worry!), but rather to honor the connection we feel with you all, our global community.  To bring some joy and color and a taste of Monteverde to your doorstep.  We told them it was a chance to make people all over the world smile. Imagine their joy if they start to see 20 or 200 photos sent back, perhaps with a brief message of you thanking them for their loving outreach.  For them to feel the circle completed, to know that they succeeded in their mission, and that their art touched someone’s heart, would be a true gift.

So, want to make a Monteverde child happy for free?  Simply take a photo of yourself with your letter when it arrives, and send it back to us – preferably by posting on our Facebook page, or else by email to

As always, our teachers have creatively incorporated this activity into their overall learning goals and culture.  Grade 1/2 have a basket of envelopes that children can go to anytime they have free time, and at the end of the day every completed picture is shared at closing time for the whole group to appreciate.  3/4 and 5/6 worked together to agree on appropriate pictures and messages.  Secondary students explored values-based communication and some fundamentals of fundraising.  The whole school used a pre-meeting to color while they listened to inspirational podcasts, discussed ideas and feelings, and thought about themes of Thankfulness and Peace.  The Sunday teen worship group even chose to color while enjoying Ted Talks about communication and empathy. We”re trying hard to decorate every single envelope (please forgive us if we fall short of that goal), and to continue doing it in a genuine, loving spirit.  Thank you for taking the time to return that love – it will mean the world to these children. 

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