School Faculty and Staff

The majority of our teachers are long-time residents of the community, both Costa Rican and North American. Other teachers come to us from the United States or Canada.  We highly value and respect our team members and work hard to create a positive working environment, resulting in a high rate of long-term teacher retention and a stable learning environment in the school.  We also have a strong volunteer program. We generally post any job openings in January-April, but we also encourage you to follow us on Facebook and sign up for our bi-monthly newsletter to learn of other opportunities.

Carlos Acuna

Carlos Acuña – Spanish and Costa Rican Social Studies

Carlos has been with us for longer than some of the buildings on campus, and is a beloved teacher, poet, cyclist, social activist and friend.

Evan Cantu-Hertzler

Evan Cantu-Hertzler – Science, 9/10 Homeroom

Evan Cantu-Hertzler grew up in Philadelphia, where he graduated from Germantown Friends School in 2006. He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from Oberlin College in 2010 with a major in Biology and a minor in visual art. Following graduation, Evan served as a substitute teacher and athletic coach for soccer and track at GFS. He worked at Greene Street Friends School as a teaching assistant in the 6th grade in 2012-2013 and was their teaching assistant in the 7th grade and part-time Physical Education teacher in 2014-2015. Evan went back to school and earned his Master’s in the Art of Teaching from the University of Pittsburgh in 2014, where he completed a student teaching internship in science at Brashear High School in Pittsburgh. Evan has extensive experience as a youth and varsity soccer coach, in addition to cross-country and track.

Montgomery Ogden

Montgomery Ogden – English, 7/8 Homeroom

Monty joined in 2017 MFS after teaching for five years in Philadelphia, at Friends Central and a public school working mostly with Latino families. He has a BA from Amherst in English with a focus on poetry and a Masters of Secondary Education from U.Penn. Of his teaching philosophy, Monty says “I’m a firm believer in an inquiry-based model of education. Classroom space is co-constructed with students, creating a community of writers who support each other.” Monty studied abroad in Chile and is an avid ultimate frisbee player – “It was when I coached the women’s ulti team at Amherst that I first learned to teach.”

Pam Holschuh

Pam Holschuh – Humanities, 11/12 Homeroom

Pam joined the MFS team last year after teaching for four years at the nearby Creativa. She has an undergrad degree in Sociology and a Masters of Education from the University of Minnesota, with a teaching certificate for grade 6-12 Social Studies. Pam also works with the Quaker Life initiative and offers counselling for graduating students (“not just college counseling; I want students to know that all life pursuits are honored.”) Pam also serves on the Religious Education committee for the Monteverde Monthly Meeting of Quakers and enjoys long walks in the woods with her dog Liko, vegetarian cooking, and “exploring silence.”

headshot of Jeynor Trejos Ramirez

Jeynor Trejos Ramirez – Mathematics

Jeynor returned to Monteverde in 2017 after leaving the area to study Teaching Mathematics at the University of Costa Rica. He earned his Bachelor’s degree and is now working toward an advanced degree through UNED. His style of teaching is pragmatic and is based on both his own experience and that of the students. He seeks to relate the real environment of the students with learning and planned educational experiences. Outside of teaching, Jeynor likes to enjoy nature, spend time with his family including his two dogs, and repair or develop circuits and electronic devices.

Amy Cherwin

Amy Cherwin– Grades 5/6

Amy has been drawn to teaching ever since the days of “playing school” in the garage with her neighborhood friends. A graduate of the education program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Amy feels passionate about helping each student find success. She moved to Monteverde after volunteering here for just two weeks. Twenty years later, she enjoys life alongside her husband and son (who attends MFS) and feels daily gratitude to be a part of this unique community.

Bethany Elmore

Bethany Elmore – Grades 3/4 Assistant

Bethany has been living in the Monteverde area since 2006. Originally from Georgia, she graduated with a B.S. from Valdosta State University. After graduation she came to the University of Georgia-San Luis campus to work as a resident naturalist. She has also been in informal education for many years, leading the Adopt a Stream Program and working as a group coordinator for the Monteverde Institute. She also helps with reforestation activities and educational talks for the Bellbird Biological Corridor. Bethany began helping at MFS in 2012 with English as a Second Language and has been the 3/4 teacher assistant since 2015. She lives with her husband, Adan, and two fantastic boys who both attend MFS. They love hiking, bird watching, and dancing together.

Chrissy Cerruti

Christine Cerruti – Grades 3/4

With a BA from University of Delaware and a Masters of Education from University of Pennsylvania, Chrissy first worked for four years as a therapist in the Philadelphia public schools, supporting children with trauma and academic/social/behavioral struggles. She then wanted “to combine my love of education with my love of counseling,” so she moved to Green Street Friends School as a co-teacher in 2nd grade, with a focus on science and social studies. She explains, “Teachers are counselors, showing children how to best be in the world, to be contributing members of society. I love Quaker education because it builds the whole child. How they are as friends as well as students is really important to me.” Chrissy enjoys yoga, cooking and art, and is enjoying hiking and nature in Monteverde.

Juanita Leiton – Grades 1/2

Juanita was born and raised in Monteverde, studied at the Monteverde Friends School, has taught here for many years, and is also the mother of a student (in her own class this year!).  A beautiful, gentle presence for students and adults alike, we are richly blessed to have Juanita on our team.

Marisela Lopez

Marisela López– Spanish and Costa Rican Social Studies

A daughter of two teachers, Marisela naturally loves teaching at MFS. Her oldest child graduated from MFS, and her two younger children are currently MFS students. Marisela  studied dance at the National University of Arts and Sciences (“CUNA”), and lists dance, cooking and teaching as her passions.

Luz Marina Brenez

Luz Marina Brenes Pojas – Pre-K, Kindergarten, Preparatoria Assistant

A Monteverde native and graduate of the technical college in Santa Elena, Luz took various courses to get her diploma in preschool education. She has 17 years experience as a teacher’s assistant in preschool, including a work exchange in Philadelphia. This is Luz’s 7th year with MFS. She enjoys art, music, and walking together with her son and two grandchildren.

Melody Guindon

Melody Guindon – Pre-K, Kindergarten, Preparatoria

A daughter of two of the original Quaker settlers, Melody grew up in Monteverde and graduated from MFS. She began teaching kindergarten and preschool at the school in 1996, but has taught these ages in Monteverde for more than 25 years. Since earning her Montessori Teaching certification in 2001, she has been heavily influenced by the Montessori philosophy in designing and developing her classroom. Melody and her husband, Rodrigo, have two daughters, both of whom graduated from MFS and live in Costa Rica. Outside of school she enjoys hiking, bird-watching, and spending time in the forest.

photo of Jacqueline Laval

Jacqueline LaVal – Pre-K, Kindergarten, Preparatoria Assistant

Jacqueline Laval was born and raised in the Monteverde Quaker community and attended MFS. The mother of three children, including a current MFS student, Jackie lived in the United States for more than 17 years where she worked as an assistant in her children’s schools. She is happy to be back in her hometown, sharing her Costa Rican roots with her children, and be part of the team at the Monteverde Friends School.

Edgar Arce

Edgar Arce– Physical Education Pre-K – 12

Edgar Arce Lagos is professional Coach Educator (License C), with specializations in soccer for women, male children and adolescents. He has been dedicated to training soccer teams of all ages for more than five years in the district of Monteverde. In addition to teaching the sport, he has taught art for all ages. His bi-cultural family includes his son Jonah, a student at MFS, and his wife Carla. Edgar likes football and cycling, enjoys music with his family, and spends as much time as possible outdoors.

Melanie Martin

Melanie Martin – English Second Language and 1/2 Assistant

Melanie received a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Minnesota, where she studied Spanish, English, and theater. After serving in AmeriCorps and working as a teaching assistant for ELL students, she attended Bethel University and received her Master of Arts in Teaching with certification in Spanish and English/Communication Arts. She taught for eight years in International Baccalaureate schools at both middle and high school levels. Outside of teaching, she enjoys singing, salsa dancing, and spending time with her two wonderful daughters who currently attend college. She has enjoyed traveling to Central and South America for volunteer service and is absolutely thrilled and blessed to be back in Costa Rica as part of the MFS team! 

Rita Vargas Leitón

Rita Vargas Leitón –  SSL (Spanish as a Second Language)

Rita has worked at MFS since 2009. She studied basic general education at the university level and also completed several trainings for the teaching of Spanish as a Second Language. Rita speaks Italian, having taken courses in philosophy and spirituality at the International School Mistici Corporis the Focolare Movement, Italy. Rita has two children, one of which is a student at MFS, a school that she values and treasures. She likes working in the garden, making guava jam, and taking time to share with friends.

Monteverde sunset

Edda Pacheco Oreamuno – Art

Originally from San Jose, Costa Rica, Edda has lived in Monteverde for nine years with her two kids, Luna and Javi, who are students at the MFS. Edda loves working with kids and is all about being creative and having fun. She believes every person is creative in his or her own way, it’s just a matter of believing and enjoying. She finds fulfillment by giving children the support and wings they need in order to be secure, creative, and expressive beings.

Monteverde sunset

Maggie Fatovic – Special Education

Maggie comes to Monteverde from Washington, DC, having grown up in several places in the US and in London. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Colorado, Boulder, and a Master’s degree in special education with a specialty in learning disabilities from the University of Virginia. She has taught at various charter schools in Washington, DC, and believes “all children should have opportunities to feel successful at school.” A competitive rower for many years, Maggie loves to hike and be in nature.


Carol Evans – Business Manager

Carol discovered Quakerism in Tucson, Arizona, in 1977, where she earned her Master’s degree in Atmospheric Science from the University of Arizona. She earned her B.S. in Physics from the University of Wisconsin, where she worked in climate modeling and x-ray mapping. Carol has been living with her husband in the San Luis Valley near Monteverde since 1985. Their two daughters attended Monteverde Friends School and now their granddaughter is benefitting from an education at MFS. Carol is a member of the Monteverde Monthly Meeting, where she has served in various capacities, including Clerk.

Eugenio Vargas

Eugenio Vargas – Office Assistant

Eugenio Vargas grew up in San Luis de Monteverde. He was a student at MFS in the 1970s, and three of his five children also attended the school. For more than 20 years, he has worked in administration of educational organizations including the Monteverde Institute, UGA Costa Rica, and now at MFS. His experience and bilingual skills, combined with his knowledge of local history, have allowed him to play a bridging role between different actors and organizations local and international. In 2014 he joined the team of translators of the book “Monteverde: Ecology and Conservation of a Tropical Cloud Forest .” Eugenio enjoys walks in the forest, a good book, photography, music, and cooking. He has two granddaughters in Montana, a son at the University of Costa Rica, a daughter at Lewis & Clark, and a son who graduated from Earlham College.

Sue Gabrielson – Head of School

Before joining the school in 2016 as our high school Humanities teacher, Sue served as pastor of a Unitarian Universalist church in Maine for 15 years. She has also organized political campaigns, taught classes at the local university, and served on many community boards. She has two master’s degrees and is in the process of writing her doctoral thesis. Sue has worked in higher education and has sailed three times in the six-month Semester at Sea Program. She has two daughters: Grace is an MFS grad, and Ellie is in 10th grade at our school. She loves reading, playing pool, walking, biking and other outdoor activities.

Yuri Suarez

Yuri Suárez– Sub-Director of Administration

Yuri is the glue that holds our school together – if it’s important and being done well at the school, she is somehow making it happen. Yuri is also the proud parent of several current or graduated MFS students.

Faculty and staff of Monteverde Friends School 2016-2017, Costa Rica