Financial Aid

financial aid school monteverdeFinancial aid plays a prominent role in the ability of the school to remain accessible to many in the local community.  We currently provide financial assistance to over half of our students.  Depending upon need, scholarships can cover up to 75% of full tuition and sponsorship awards up to 90% of full tuition.  In addition to direct financial aid, the school supports families with financial needs in other ways, including opportunities to offset tuition through hosting international students and work opportunities.

Funds for financial aid derive from donations made primarily in the US via Monteverde Friends US (MFUS), local donations made directly to the school, proceeds from sales of school items, and surpluses from parent fundraising.

Applying for Financial Aid

Each year families must reapply for financial aid.  Priority will be given to those who turn in their materials complete and on time.  Financial aid is not available for international families.  Families who have been residents in the zone for more than a year are eligible to apply.

Financial aid applications are distributed to continuing families and to new school family once their child is accepted at MFS.  Typical due dates depend when the student is accepted, but typically the due date for all applicants is toward the end of March.

Student Sponsorships

The amount of financial aid we can award is directly related to the donations that we receive. To contribute to our financial aid program, or to directly sponsor an individual student, please use the button below.   In the sponsorship program, the student and the school communicate regularly with the sponsor, providing a valuable, rewarding, and enjoyable experience for all involved.