Monteverde Friends School has been serving children of members of the Monteverde Friends Meeting and other local families who value Quaker education for almost 70 years. We also appreciate the richness of perspectives international students bring.  Students are admitted regardless of race, creed, socio-economic status, or sexual orientation.

To make the school accessible for local families, approximately 50% of our students receive significant aid.  Once a student has been accepted, applications for financial assistance are reviewed. 

The Admissions Process for New Students


1. Download and complete the appropriate application packet:

2022-2023 school year

2. Gather and attach all supporting documents as outlined below for kinder, grades 1-6, or grades 7-12.

3. Submit all parts of the application.  Only complete applications will be considered.

4. Applications will be considered on a rolling basis and when spaces are available.  In general, applications should be submitted by mid-February (for first semester and whole-year applicants) or by mid-October (for second semester applicants).

5. Financial aid applications are due on June 30th 2020. (Generally, it should be submitted at the same time, or no later than early April. Financial aid is available only for local applicants.)

6. Selected applicants come in for a school visit (if possible).

7. Once an offer of admissions has been made, please pay within two weeks the registration fee of ¢55,000 per student for local families and $200.00 per student for international families or families resident less than 12 months in the zone. Due to COVID-19, the registration fee has been lowered to ¢10,000 per student, regardless if local or not. 

By the first day of school in August, children must be 3 years old to apply for Pre-K, 4 years old to apply for Kindergarten, 5 years old to apply for Prepa, and 6 years old for 1st grade.

Please make sure your application is complete with:

  1. The completed application packet
  2. A photocopy of your child’s birth certificate, passport or cédula
  3. Reports from any prior school experience
  4. Any relevant evaluations regarding your child’s learning needs or other needs
  5. A recommendation letter from a former teacher.  The teacher may also contact us directly.

Please make sure your application is complete with the following documents before you submit it:

  1. The completed application packet (including the international student addendum, if applicable)
  2. A photocopy of your child’s passport or cédula
  3. Transcripts and reports reflecting your child’s last two years of study
  4. Any relevant evaluations regarding your child’s learning needs or other needs
  5. Two letters of recommendation from former teachers.  The teachers may also contact us directly.
  6. One two-page essay written in English and another in Spanish, on one of the following topics. If your child is not yet proficient in Spanish, then an essay in English on one of the following topics.
    • The book that has most profoundly affected you
    • The person you would most like to meet
    • The greatest problem facing youth today, and how you would like to resolve it
    • A topic that is compelling to you and that would tell us something about your experience and perspective
    • An essay that you turned in this school year

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