International Homestay

International Homestay

Interested in language, culture, great food and life-long friends?International homestay for study abroad students lets you live with a local Costa Rican family

One of the best Monteverde experiences is living with a local Costa Rican family. You learn about local culture and how people live. Practice Spanish with your host family. Walk or bus to school with your “brothers and sisters.” Enjoy local food, music, and way of life.

We are careful to place students with families who will take good care of the students, and we check in weekly with the families and with the students to make sure the experience continues to be healthy for all. As appropriate, we facilitate communication between the host family and student, and report back to the student’s overseas family.

Homestay costs $3,250 per semester, including room and board, and is an important way for the host family to earn funds to pay their own children’s tuition at the school.

Be sure to promote home stays, which were an integral part of our daughter’s experience. – Susan Munson

Highlights included: the integrity of the program, the very different experience of living with a Tico family in some of the most beautiful forests of the world, the Quaker approach to education, and the family connection that the whole staff has to one another. – Kim Korinek


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