Mini Courses

Student Mini-Courses

Mini-courses are offered one day a week each quarter for an hour and a half. These courses allow students to explore their personal interests in a variety of subjects and take advantage of the emphasis on artistic expression and environmental awareness that is so prevalent in the Monteverde community. Courses are taught by teachers, parents, community members, and visiting volunteers.

First Quarter: Practical Skills

Mini-course elective students learn to cook at Monteverde Friends School in Costa RicaWoodworking, clay oven building, typing, US college application process, simple cooking and learning measurements, dog training, computer skills – word processing, Excel, Sketch up, Photoshop, podcasting and blogging, bread baking, science experiments, oral and written translation, sewing and simple clothing repairs, budgeting and personal economic planning, singing and songbook making, making and playing math games, animal welfare education, French, journalism, preparation for the Sept. 15th parade, current events, mediation training, farm skills on the Guindon farm, and Reader’s Theatre.

Second Quarter: Arts and Crafts

Guitar and music electives at Monteverde Friends School in Costa RicaPhotography and developing black and white pictures, digital photography, macrame, quilting, ceramics, collage, thank-you notes for donors, crochet, jewelry making, book making, comic book making, making board games, egg painting, paper mache, sculpture with recycled materials, music and audio editing, basket making, weaving, cloth napkin painting, drawing, painting,  Christmas ornament and decoration making, theatre or skits, key chain making,  art and nature (doing art projects outside), yearbook, guitar, making pot holders, video editing, documentary video making, creative writing, flower pressing, and band.

Third Quarter: Sports and Outdoor Activities

Sports and games electives at Montverde Friends School in Costa RicaAerobics, Latin dance, hip hop dance, North American folk dance, tennis, basketball, ultimate frisbee, soccer, hiking, running, biking, cooperative games, gardening, baseball,  swimming, bird watching, yoga, gymnastics, leadership skills, Costa Rican games and jump rope, walking, volleyball, modern dance, tae-bo and spinning, Qi- gong and tai chi, and visiting museums in Monteverde.

Fourth Quarter: Variety

Theatre and drama program mini-course at Monteverde Friends School in Costa RicaWorld economics, cinema appreciation, philosophy, personality tests, preparation for the Bachillerato exam, card games, painting, jewelry-making, and a discussion of why “the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.”  Sometimes the entire school puts together a whole-school theater production, with mini-courses in acting, dancing, set design, costumes, make-up and props.