New in Monteverde

For Families in Costa Rica temporarily:

Monteverde is a very popular place, with over 200,000 ecotourists per year and only about 5,500 local residents in the area. Many international families spend a year or two in Monteverde and seek a school for their child or children. 

For the last few years, even during the pandemic, we have been very full. Openings for ongoing students occur only when a family either moves or decides their student will not continue. That creates openings in specific classrooms.

When there is an opening, we then consider applicants for that class who have submitted applications for the specific grade level. With our priority of providing a stable community for our students and primarily serving local students, we often must weigh offering a seat to those who are only here for a year or two vs. longer-term students.

If your child is in the primary grades, please be aware that we do not allow new students to start in the middle of the year; all must start in August. 

Tuition rates for lower grades, outside of Monteverde:

MFS Tuition, Out of Zone 2022-2023

Cost per Year Cost Per Semester
Matrícula (enrollment fee)
Pre-Kinder, 3 days a week (4 hrs/day)
Kinder, 5 days a week (4hrs/day)
Preparatoria, 5 days a week (T-Th 12:00, M-W-F 1:30)
Grados 1 & 2
Grados 3 & 4
Grados 5 & 6
Colegio (7 - 12)
Spanish as a Second Language–SSL (grades 1-12)

If you wish to add your child(ren) to that waiting list, please go to How to Apply and fill out the Out-of-Area application.