Discover the Monteverde Friends School Campus


The Monteverde Friends School campus comprises 3.8 acres (1.5 hectares) in Costa Rica’s famous Monteverde cloud forest. Our campus offers a wealth of creative learning spaces and student resources. Our location offers our students access to abundant local resources such as farms, trails, streams, and cloud forest and wildlife reserves.

In addition to the school buildings, the Monteverde Friends School campus includes forest, fields, athletic areas, outdoor gathering spaces, and a Quaker cemetery. The fig tree in our parking lot is frequently visited by our students and tour groups alike! 

School Facilities

On our campus are the Meeting House, primary building, colegio (high school) building, kinder building, library, playground, soccer field, and basketball court. In a major project in 2011, the soccer field was leveled and resurfaced.  Our buildings are owned by the Monteverde Friends Meeting, and our school serves as a focal point for the community.  From regular school days to evening musical performances, from ultimate Frisbee on Saturdays to Meeting for Worship on Sundays, the Monteverde Friends School campus is a vibrant, exciting place!

Originally a one-room school house, MFS has expanded in response to the growing needs of the community.  Even so, the Monteverde Friends Meeting has decided to keep the school small to maintain the sense of community. The design of the campus is such that older and younger students continually cross paths and share spaces, creating a supportive shared learning environment. 


Library and Technology

The school is rich in human resources and enjoys growing classroom libraries in English and Spanish. The 5th & 6th grade classroom alone sports a library of over 1,000 books! We provide classroom computers to high school students, along with access to a selection of laptop computers. We welcome donations of computers and electronics, especially laptops and newer laser printers. Please click here for our Wish List or other ways to donate.

MFS Library

The Monteverde Community Library, a project of the Monteverde Friends Meeting, serves both the school and the community. It is maintained completely by volunteers and is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to anyone in the school or community on an honor system basis. We have more than 21,000 books in English and 3,000 books in Spanish, rivaling the holdings of the library in our nearest city, Puntarenas (two hours away).

Almost all of the library’s books were donated. If you are interested in making a donation of books or a financial donation to the library, please contact us.