Our students aren’t just smart – they’re wildly creative. And, even more important, they’re BRAVE.  They stand up in front of their peers and community and share themselves, and are met with unconditional support and love.  That’s one of the defining characteristics of Monteverde – we are ready to celebrate whatever gift you have to share, and help you nurture that spark that makes you special.  Here are some examples from over the past year:

Grade 11/12 Poetry:  Last year, our then-Humanities-teacher (now Head of School) Sue Gabrielson lovingly and unyieldingly helped CoffeeHouse2017Aug3aher students to find their inner voice through poetry, then share it in front of the whole school and also a Poetry Slam coffee house.  Click below to see videos of:

Inspired by a visiting poet from Somalia, two of our students spontaneously stood up and shared original works of poetry with the whole upper school recently.  Click here to read the poems by Fio and Galen.

Coffee Houses are, of course, a prime chance to strut one’s stuff.  Some examples you can enjoy again include:

We also are currently enjoying an international family that includes a poetry professor.  Please enjoy his incredible rendition of the Monteverde rain.

People often come to Monteverde to enjoy the beautiful nature, and deservedly so.  But the rich artistic culture and support for bringing one’s inner life to the stage is an equally breathtaking part of life here.