Monteverde Friends School strives to make education at our school available to as many local children as possible.  Currently, over half of our students receive some kind of financial support.

As the impacts of the global economic crisis reach Monteverde, many of our families who depend on tourism for their income are struggling.

Please consider sponsoring a student at MFS this year.

Because we believe that families should be responsible for some portion of their child’s tuition, sponsors may donate up to 90% of the tuition.  Students may be sponsored from a minimum level of $350 up to $3,600 for the school year.

By becoming a sponsor, you become part of our community.  You will receive a photo of the student you are sponsoring, and he or she will write to you at least two times a year.  Monteverde Friends School believes that connecting a student receiving financial support with the people providing that support provides a valuable, rewarding, and enjoyable experience for all involved—the donor and his/her family, and the student and his/her family.

Sponsors may choose to sponsor more than one student. The school identifies students to sponsor following the needs-based criteria of our financial aid process.  Funds will be applied to the student’s tuition.  US IRS regulations do not allow tax deductions for sponsorships made for relatives.

Sponsors are asked to pay a fixed amount in advance, either all of the sponsorship at the beginning of the year, or half at the beginning of each semester.  Payments made through Monteverde Friends U. S. (a US-based 501 (c)(3) ), are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by U. S. law.

The family of the student is not allowed to request financial assistance from the donor beyond the sponsorship initially rewarded.  The school requests to be informed by both the recipient’s family and the sponsor of any offers of aid beyond the school sponsorship.

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