If you are coming to Monteverde with a group and would like to visit the school, please contact us at least a month ahead of time. We would be happy to arrange a tour of the school and discuss other ways that you can connect with our school and students while you are here.

With prior arrangements, groups can participate in the life of the school in myriad ways. If your group has particular skills or talents, they could be shared in an assembly. Examples include a singing group giving a small concert, university students leading conflict resolution activities, a theater group leading improvisation games, and an instrumental music group highlighting their different instruments. Some groups also have arranged one-to-one work with students in the classroom, reading, writing, and co-creating art.

Even if your group is only available for a short visit, there are other ways you can help our school, such as bringing school supplies or contributing to our financial aid program.

The William Penn Singers (from the William Penn Charter School) perform in our Meeting Room.