As a small school with limited resources, volunteers are invaluable in helping our students gain a wealth of skills, knowledge, and perspectives. In return, our volunteers gain cross-cultural and educational experiences that will benefit them both professionally and personally.

In the classroom, you might:

  • Help as a classroom assistant
  • Assist students or groups of students who need individualized attention
  • Tutor students in English, reading, or math
  • Offer arts, or music classes after school

Beyond the classroom:

  • Catalogue and shelve books with the Library Committee on Monday afternoons
  • Lead or assist in a mini-course (weekly classes on crafts, skills, or sports)
  • Help with Internet and other computer technology
  • Grounds maintenance, including gardening, building repair, or painting


Volunteer visiting

We are open to hearing and utilizing the ideas and expertise of our volunteers. We are also looking for creative ways to engage our students with the surrounding cloud forest, other area schools, local community members, and international visitors.

Time Commitment

Because we are a small school and the impact of visitors and volunteers is easily felt, and because volunteers must gain a student’s trust and be of prolonged help to him or her, we ask for a commitment of at least a quarter. We may make exceptions in the case of a more experienced volunteer with specialized training, such as a special education consultant or reading specialist, or in the case of volunteers who plan to work exclusively outside the classroom.

Volunteers meet regularly with the staff to discuss concerns, successes, or challenges. Changes of schedule, responsibilities, or homestay are negotiated with the staff. Volunteers are asked to arrive on time for their commitments, dress appropriately, and respect school rules. They are encouraged to read and ask about Quaker education and the MFS Vision, Mission, and Philosophy.

Local Volunteers 

If you already live in Monteverde, please consider volunteering at the Monteverde Friends School. We seek creative, dynamic, and engaging volunteers (age 20 or older) who would like to share their experience and interests with our students and school, gain an understanding of Quaker and Costa Rican education, and benefit professionally and personally from the opportunity. As a small school with limited resources, volunteers are invaluable in helping our students can gain a wealth of skills, knowledge, and perspectives.

Locals are welcome to volunteer full-time for several weeks or on an on-going, weekly basis. There may also be specific one-time tasks for which we could use your help.

Volunteers in the garden

International Volunteers

We seek creative, dynamic, and engaging volunteers (age 20 or older) who would like to learn and share with our students and staff, gain an understanding of Quaker and Costa Rican education, and enjoy the incredible natural environment of Monteverde.

Perhaps the school’s greatest benefit to volunteers is a friendly, dynamic environment in which to work. Volunteers can develop enriching relationships with students, staff, and parents. The activities of the Monteverde Meeting that are centered at the school can also be beneficial in helping a volunteer participate in the community: monthly potlucks, Quaker Meeting for Worship, square or folk dancing, school fund raisers, and talks.

During the week, the school telephone is available to a volunteer for short calls within Costa Rica. Volunteers may receive mail at the school and use school computers or personal laptops for Internet access. If you would like to improve your Spanish, we can assist with arranging one-on-one Spanish lessons. Occasional field trips or staff potlucks are open to volunteers, and of course, coffee and tea are always available.

We can arrange a homestay with a Costa Rican family with children at the school. Income from homestays is part of our financial aid program and greatly assists families in offsetting their tuition. The homestay is $650/month, or $200/week, and includes a private room and two meals a day. If you are not interested in a homestay, you are welcome to arrange your own housing.

Further informal information is available.

Volunteering at Monteverde Friends School in its simplest form is an opportunity to connect to a vibrant and caring community. Although my time at the school was brief, only one week, it was the highlight of my month exploring Costa Rica. At the school I was able to help on a number of various projects such as gardening, organizing, and leading a few activities and games with the kids. Everyone was extremely welcoming and appreciative of my presence and small contributions. – Linsey (pictured below)