4 new teachers, all with years of teaching experience, oodles of qualifications, and (most importantly) the right spirit to join our team.  Welcome to:

Pam Holschuch – Grade 9-12 Humanities, 11/12 Homeroom

Pam joins the MFS team after teaching for 4 years at the nearby Pam HolschuhCreativa.  She has an undergrad degree in Sociology and a Masters of Education from the University of Minnesota, with a teaching certificate for grade 6-12 Social Studies.  Pam will also work with the Quaker Life initiative, and offer counselling for graduating students (“not just college counseling; I want students to know that all life pursuits are honored.”)  Pam also serves on the Religious Education committee for the Monteverde Monthly Meeting of Quakers, and enjoys long walks in the woods with her dog Liko, vegetarian cooking, and “exploring silence.”

Sarah Hagevik – Special Education

Sarah HagevikA veteran teacher with 10 years teaching special education at all grade levels in Denver, Sarah has a BA and MA in Special Education from Vanderbilt University, plus another Masters as an “Intervention Specialist.”  To mix things up, she also taught Pilates for 5 years.  She enjoys outdoor hiking, camping, travel, cooking, singing, dancing and music, “but I don’t have a strong talent in any of them.”  Sarah has moved here with her husband and two children, who will attend the school in 6th and 9th grades.

Christine Cerruti – Grades 3-4

Chrissy CerrutiWith a BA from University of Delaware and a Masters of Education from University of Pennsylvania, Chrissy first worked for 4 years as a therapist in the Philadelphia public schools, supporting children with trauma and academic/social/behavioral struggles.  She then wanted “to combine my love of education with my love of counseling,”, so she moved to Green Street Friends School as a co-teacher in 2nd grade, with a focus on science and social studies.  She explains, “Teachers are counselors, showing children how to best be in the world, to be contributing members of society.  I love Quaker education because it builds the whole child.  How they are as friends as well as students is really important to me.”  Chrissy enjoys yoga, cooking and art, and looks forward to hiking and nature in Monteverde.

Montgomery Ogden – Grades 7-10 Humanities, Grades 7-8 Homeroom

Montgomery OgdenMonty joins MFS with 5 years teaching experience in Philadelphia, at Friends Central and a public school working mostly with Latino families.  He has a BA from Amherst in English with a focus on poetry, and a Masters of Secondary Education from U.Penn.  Of his teaching philosophy, Monty says “I’m a firm believer in an inquiry-based model of education.  Classroom space is co-constructed with students, creating a community of writers who support each other.”  Monty studied abroad in Chile, and is an avid ultimate frisbee player – “It was when I coached the women’s ulti team at Amherst that I first learned to teach.”

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