Do you know Marisela? For 17 years she’s shared her heart, soul and contagious energy with Monteverde Friends School. Her laughter rings through the halls, staff meetings and parent gatherings. Her story is one that you should know.

MariselaHappy3Marisela joined MFS as a mother 17 years ago. “When I saw the vision, I started spending more time at school than at home,” she says, starting as a volunteer, assistant, and now Primary Spanish teacher. “When you’re here, there’s an energy, a liberation.” 

“What keeps me here is Equality, the lack of hierarchy. I love that big and small children play together. We use first names, not “teacher” or “Boss”. It’s very human; it’s beautiful, this part.”

As a teacher, Marisela shares, “It’s what makes me happy – I feel ‘realizado’ (fulfilled). We help a few, and they make a big difference in the world. They carry this seed of peace, harmony and equality.” 

Like over half our local families, Marisela deeply appreciates the financial aid that allowed her daughter to graduate from MMariselaHat3FS in 2016, while her two younger children continue in 6th and 8th grades. “MFS helped Analisse to be human, to be in silence, and to resolve problems with more clarity. With peace in their hearts, they can learn to listen. 

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Sue Gabrielson (Head)
Rick Juliusson (Co-Director)

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