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Tara’s Dream

As Tara Bertrand Hein completes grade 11 and plans for her future, she reflects on our school, our world and her future contributions to it with a bravery and vision that epitomizes the vision and mission of our school.  If you remember her blog post (here) after...

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Grade 5/6 Clean-up their Act

Limpieza - end-of day clean-up - is one of many beautiful traditions at MFS.  The whole school pitches in to take care of our campus, from sweeping the meeting floor to scrubbing toilets.  It's a powerful lesson in stewardship and teamwork, and also an opportunity to...

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Caminata – It’s for the Birds!

This year's Caminata - the annual parent-fundraiser Walkathon - was a marvelous success.  As always, parents, teachers, students, meeting members and the community came out in force to hike 11km up up up to Vista Verde Lodge at San Gerardo,...

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The mountain shivered

A series of poetry/storywriting seminars led by Joe Heithaus (who recently wrote the New York Times article about Monteverde) let writers from ages 13 to 83 stretch and bare our souls.  We produced some pretty good stuff, but none better than this perspective on the...

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March Newsletter – Presidential Visit

Yes, that is the President of Costa Rica visiting our school!  Inspired by our school's rich history of Peace as well as our national reputation for excellence, the President and First Laady enjoyed playing and visiting with our students during a surprise trip to see...

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Boletin de marzo

Si, ese es el Presidente de Costa Rica, visitando nuestra escuela!  Inspirados por la rica historia de paz de nuestra escuela, así como por nuestra reputación nacional de excelencia, el Presidente y la Primera Dama disfrutaron jugando y visitando a...

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Nobel Peace Prize Project

Did Obama deserve a Nobel Peace prize? "Maybe yes, but it was premature," answers Chris. Chris and his grade 5/6 classmates in Spanish class each chose a prize winner to research and present. Each was passionate and informed in their written...

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