minicourse3“I got my first choice!”, my 11-year-old shouts as he enters the house. “So did I!”, echoes his equally-enthused older brother.

When so much of what our children learn in school is prescribed, it’s a pure Joy to the students to get to choose their own special learning programs.  Up here in the Costa Rica rainforest, Thursday afternoons at Monteverde Friends School are devoted to “mini-courses,” where students select a 7-week series about topics that interest them.

minicourse1This semester, community volunteers and MFS teachers are offering a wide range of courses, including animal care, website design, cooking with left-overs, basketball, interior design, Italian, bicycle repair, carpentry, organic gardening, and… insects!

Yesterday my boys were thrilled to have milked a cow and blocked a basketball shot for the first time in their lives. Thank you to the many volunteers and teachers who bring their creative energy and passion, so that our students can continue to learn the thrill of learning.minicourse4