Heather Livingston, a beloved teacher at MFS last year, recently returned to visit (and of course, volunteer at the school’s Children’s Day!). Here are her feelings about coming back:

Last week I returned to Monteverde Friends School after leaving for the states in June. When I stepped into the Meeting House to join Monday’s all school assembly I saw a hundred bright, familiar faces looking up at me. With their excited eyes and warm smiles greeting me, I immediately felt like I was back home. It was amazing to return to MFS with a new perspective and realize that some things don’t change even after you leave.

“The genuine human interactions and relationships between students, teachers, and staff are, to me, what make this school such a unique place.”

Monteverde Friends School is not only concerned with the academic success of a child, but with the well being of a whole person. Each student is treated with love and support in their journey at MFS and after they leave. While visiting, I was reminded of this and witnessed many of the organic opportunities that help to build and maintain these relationships.

Heather Livingstone helping at MFS Childrens Day

Heather Livingstone helps load kids on during Children’s Day

During recess and lunch I participated in the intergenerational “mejenga” or pick up soccer game, heard spontaneous laughter shared by teachers and students, listened to shameless duets and guitar playing in the hallway, and admired the critical and curious question-asking in and outside of class.

This short visit opened my eyes to the incredible community that has been built at MFS and the space that is held for students, staff, and teachers to be themselves and be accepted as they are.

I am so grateful to know the people and the place that make up this school. I feel that no matter how long a person has been at MFS or how long they have been gone, they will be welcomed back to this community with open arms.

Thank you to the MFS community for welcoming me back, it was wonderful to be with you all!