Limpieza – end-of day clean-up – is one of many beautiful traditions at MFS.  The whole school pitches in to take care of our campus, from sweeping the meeting floor to scrubbing toilets.  It’s a powerful lesson in stewardship and teamwork, and also an opportunity to practice leadership.

Normally it’s the grade 11/12 students standing with a clip-board, looking Stern and Important while making sure that all end-of-day clean-up tasks are completed, and completed well.  No-one goes back to homeroom to complete the day until They decree that our school is clean and ready for tomorrow.

But with the 11/12 class in Panama for their class trip, the grade 5/6 class nobly stepped forward to take the lead.  Everyone pitched in to make up for the missing students, and our campus sparkled as always. The 5/6 students were justifiably proud of themselves for taking a leadership role – thank you teacher Amy for spotting that opportunity to let your students shine (literally!)