Las week’s sit-in in solidarity with US students following the Florida shootings was deeply moving and meaningful, but our students also wanted to focus on their own country and social conditions.  In a sad time of heightened intolerance here in Costa Rica, students came together to form the Coalition for Human Rights and quickly organized a Human Rights March.

Quickly and effectively, that is.  Within days, pledges of participation came in from other schools, the police and municipality, and Quaker and community members.  Students and community volunteers canvassed the farmers’ market on Friday and helped people make signs.

As the march proceeded downhill from the Monteverde Friends School, we sang and chanted and smiled and waved banners back at the honking cars and waving bystanders.  And we were continually joined by more allies, all the way to the public school gym in Santa Elena (where we were blessed with traditional dance performances from several Central American countries.)

This is civic education at its best – students identifying important issues they care about, then taking real action to education themselves and the community.

Click here to see a brief video of the marchers singing, “Paz, queremos Paz” – the same song of wanting Peace that was sung to the President.  Then enjoy the brief slideshow below.