Short-term homestay details

Details of the Short-Term Homestay Program

Thank you for your interest in the MFS Short-Term Homestay Program. We have established this for several reasons:

  1. Provide visitors to Monteverde with a meaningful look at the real life of real people in our community.  A chance to make friends, eat (and even help cook) local food, and learn about life in Monteverde.  And for those travelling with children, a chance to Play!
  2. Provide families with an additional revenue stream to help pay their school fees.  The school does offer generous scholarships for local students in financial need, but families are still expected to contribute a percentage, and not all families are eligible for the funding.
  3. Provide the school with another small way of raising funds for financial aid.  Our main mechanism, still, are charitable donations.

Cost of Homestay

We have set a price that is considerably less than most accommodations + food options in the region, recognizing that the services will be more “basic” than most hotels offer.  But the price still provides a meaningful income for the host families, plus a modest income for the school.

Please note that this is a flat per-night charge.  If you choose to miss a meal (and, to be honest, you likely will want to try a local restaurant while here!), the price will not change.  Families can provide a sack lunch for your excursions – please try to give them advance notice of this.

The nightly cost is just $50/room for one adult. Extra people sharing the room cost $35 per adult or $25 per child (12 and under).  Guest staying longer than a week can ask us about special rates.


If you have filled out the information form with your proposed itinerary, we will be contacting you to discuss appropriate placements.  Once a suitable home has been agreed upon, please make a $100 non-refundable deposit to secure the homestay.  Click here for information on how to make payments from abroad.  The balance can be paid upon arrival in cash (local or US currency) or through the same payment options.  Please make all payments through the office, not to the host family.


Please let us know your expected arrival time and mode (ie, bus, rental car…). We will provide you with the host family’s phone number so that your taxi driver (or you) can call to get directions once in Monteverde. A taxi ride from the Santa Elena bus station to most host families will be less than $5.


After your stay, please help us learn and improve by filling out this Survey Monkey survey.