Sit in a stuffy classroom for hours?  Not at MFS!  Small class sizes, specialty teachers, special volunteers, and a dynamic approach to education add up to many opportunities for small group work and individual attention.

At 10:30 this morning I walked around with my camera (click through below) and caught an amazing variety of groups in action.  Grade 6’s studying historical biographies in the library and picnic table, ESL (English) and SSL (Spanish) tutoring in groups of 2 or 3, a small group of kindergarten children collecting medicinal plants, another preschool subgroup enjoying the playground, and math teacher Evan working on the porch with two high school students.

And it’s not just students.  Add into the mix a volunteer trimming the flower bushes, our School Committee clerk Wendy checking messages between school meetings, Meeting Clerk Katy and long-long-long-term member Sue Trostle discussing the school’s compost system, and co-director Debbie giving a school tour to some visitors, and we have a busy, bustling center of education for all.