At Monteverde Friends School, we are always on the look-out for creative ways to support our students’ spiritual growth and learning Quaker values.  In a 6-week minicourse about podcasting, students partnered with the fabulous Mari Wadsworth at Monteverde FM Community Radio to:

  • Design questionnaires to learn about the core Quaker values, known as the “SPICES”: Simplicity, Peace, Integrity, Community, Equality and Stewardship
  • Interview selected community members, such as Sue Trostle, Yuri Suarez (long-time parent and the school’s Sub-Director of Administration) and Rick Juliusson (Co-Director and parent)
  • Edit the interviews and group into content areas to create a podcast

The end results include a deeper appreciation and wrestling with values for the students (and the interviewees!), technical understanding about podcasts, experience in the fine art of interviewing, connection with community members, and…

Thank you to Mari and Monteverde FM, our students, and our interviewees for this truly interesting and informative exploration of values.

Queries about Quaker Values