Tears, inspiration, family, transition, fear, excitement – graduation is a whole lifetime of experience and emotion wrapped into one magical day.

On Saturday, we honoured 6 outstanding young men and women as they prepare to move on from our precious school community onto whatever path they choose next.  They each spoke of how important this school, this community, their friends and their family have been in their journey thus far, and we spoke of how we believe they have learned far more than just the basic academics they’ll need at University.  We believe that each one of them has learned the value of community, of being a good person and a lifelong learner.  One community member observed:

Los discursos de los graduados me parecieron excelentes, demuestran una vez mas que los exámenes de bachillerato están casi sobrando. Fueron discursos emotivos, inteligentes, adornados incluso incluso con citas de Aristoteles y de Walt Whitman, en los que ademas reconocen todo lo importante que ha sido la escuela y su filosofía para la formación de cada uno.

I thought the graduation speeches were excellent, demonstrating once again that the final exams are almost superfluous. They were intelligent, emotional speeches, even adorned with quotes from Aristotle and Walt Whitman, in which one could see how important the school and its philosophy has been for the formation (education) of each student.”