Coffee House hosted by grade 9/10 students from Monteverde Friends School

Our charming hosts for the evening

Live Music is alive and well in Costa Rica, thanks to the monthly Coffee House talent nights at Monteverde Friends School. Clowns, Michael Jackson, piano, ukelele, storytelling (riding a shark down the river), bluegrass, Cat Stevens, Spanish love songs, jokes, violin, even Swedish folksongs… we had it all.

Performers ranged from 7 to 87 years: students (from 4 schools), Quaker meeting members, school teachers and parents… thanks to everyone who got on stage to make us laugh and feel inspired. Thanks also to the grade 9/10 students and teachers, who prepared pizza, silent auction, and made the event not only fun for us but a successful fundraiser for their class trip.

If you’ve lived in Monteverde, or if you ever consider coming here to study abroad or just plain visit, this is a tradition you will not want to miss.

Enjoy the slide show of performers below, and watch for us to post some video clips soon.