School Committee

The School Committee serves the purpose of what other schools call the Board of Trustees. The committee is made up of Quaker Meeting members, parents, a student, the director (ex officio), and community members. Because MFS is under the care of the Meeting, half of the School Committee must be Quaker. Several sub-committees and working groups, such as Finance, Financial Aid and Fundraising, report to the School Committee.

Past SC meeting minutes

English and Spanish available on each document.
Cada documento está en ambos Español e Inglés.

View PDF SC Minutes 4/8/21

  • Welcome new members
  • Director’s Report
  • Reports from Search Committees
  • Report from Finance Committee – Financial Aid situation
  • Housing Sub-Committee – Housing Policy
  • Housing security 
  • New Clerk(s) – Recording Clerk
  • Subcommittees 2021

View PDF SC Minutes 2/7/21

  • Director’s Report
  • Report to Meeting
  • Finance Committee Request
  • Director Search Committee


View PDF SC Minutes 1/7/21

  • Director’s Report
  • Finance Committee – Approve changes to the financial report
  • Enrollment application from Nick and Holden Cobb
  • SC Continual appreciation of MFS Staff

View PDF SC Minutes 12/3/20

  • Director’s Report
  • Delivery of Cards
  • Finance Committee Report
  • Manual Committee Report 
  • Invitation to meet with the CEC Junta
  • Director Evaluation Committee Report
  • Feedback from the School Housing Committee
  • Enrollment application from Nick and Holden Cobb
  • Approve minute

View PDF SC Minutes 10/29/20

  • Finance Committee Report 
  • Director’s Report
  • Grant for Teacher Salaries
  • Enrollment / return of Cobb Family
  • Evaluation Director of the school
  • Manual Committee Report

View PDF SC Minutes 9/24/20

  • Welcome Melanie (student representative for the 20/21 school year)
  • Director’s Report
  • Finance Report
  • Review of School Committee Manual
  • Approve minutes 7/17/20

View PDF SC Minutes 8/27/20

  • Director’s Report
  • Revision and Approval of the Budget 20/21

View PDF SC Minutes 7/30/20

  • Concern about Teacher Housing – Melanie (teacher)
  • Finance Report (Zaida + Committee)
  • Director’s Report

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School Committee 2020 – 2021

  • Sarah Stuckey (Clerk, Presidente) 
  • Tim Curtis (Recorder, Secretario)
  • Liza Ewen (Head – ex officio)
  • Melanie García (Student Representative)
  • Allan Vargas
  • Dinia Santamaría
  • Rafael Vargas
  • Meredith Reynolds
  • Naomi Solano


MFS: Monteverde Friends School / Escuela de los Amigos Monteverde

SC: School Committee / Comité de la Escuela

CEC: Creative Learning Center / Centro de Educación Creativa 

ELL: English Language Learners / Estudiante del Idioma Inglés